Our 90 Minute Courses

Core Skills

Plan & prioritise your workload

Course includes:

  • Knowing where you are now in terms of time and pressure
  • Understanding the importance of using our own time effectively
  • Planning and prioritising to become more effective
  • Barriers and ‘time stealers’
  • Handling interruptions – telephone; email; people
  • Prioritising tools including Urgent/Important
Work as a successful & productive team

Course includes:

  • Defining what constitutes the best team for your organisation

  • Skills; abilities; behaviours and capabilities of your group

  • Belbin Team Roles – the ideal scenario

  • Exploring and establishing team rules

  • Seeing yourself as a team member

  • Communicating effectively

Organise and run effective meetings

Course includes:

  • Identifying the reason for the virtual or face-to-face meeting

  • Designing an effective agenda with timings

  • Preparing for the meeting and gathering relevant information

  • Ensuring excellent meeting communication and control

  • Summarising actions and agreeing a way forward

  • Allocating responsibilities and next steps

Deliver great written business communications

Course includes:

  • Planning to write and gathering the right information

  • Choosing the best ‘vehicle’ for your message or report

  • Structuring your communication

  • Using plain English; keeping it simple; correct grammar and punctuation

  • Laying out and presenting for impact

  • Editing and proof reading before sending

Design and run amazing team or training events

Course includes:

  • Knowing how to target the audience and set the desired outcome for your event
  • Developing and following a check list to ensure nothing is forgotten
  • Knowing the importance of planning and preparation
  • Having a contingency plan and assessing risk
  • Keeping the energy going through the event
  • Monitoring and celebrating success
Plan and manage small projects

Course includes:

  • Agreeing the scope of the project and the key people to involve
  • Assessing and agreeing the parameters for the project
  • Understanding and plotting the life cycle
  • Using the six steps to success
  • Having a ‘tool box’ of techniques and tips
  • Assessing risks and building in a contingency plan
Hybrid working – being productive at home & in the office

Course includes:

  • Understanding how we will work together from now onwards
  • Voicing concerns and understanding it’s not ‘one rule for all’ any more
  • Getting organised between home and the workplace
  • Managing your time; meetings; workload and mental wellbeing
  • Pacing yourself and supporting others
Train the workplace trainer

Course includes:

  • Planning your session and what must; should and could go in
  • Understanding learning styles and the audience needs
  • Designing and using activities, exercises and questionnaires
  • Developing your presentation and your style
  • Gathering feedback and monitoring progress from the workshop or event

Focus on women & EDI

Be courageous and build confidence

Course includes:

  • Understanding your true strengths as a manager and leader

  • Developing those strengths in line with your natural attributes as a woman

  • Identifying your own style and having a clear plan for your future at work

  • Realising the importance of being brave in the workplace and not just being perfect

  • Building your self-belief; confidence and courage

Build a powerful personal brand

Course includes:

  • Establishing what constitutes your personal ‘brand’ or reputation

  • Identifying your attributes and the image you want to portray

  • Deciding how you want to market or project yourself to others

  • Being yourself – not trying or pretending to be something you’re not

  • Strengthening your image and being comfortable ‘in your own skin’

Develop the role of professional women in the workplace

Course includes:

  • The importance of role models to inspire and guide

  • Identifying and encouraging the women who will make a difference

  • Looking at world and key women leaders to identify their success facts

  • Tackling limiting beliefs and building strength and positive behaviours

  • Looking at short, medium and long term development

Use influencing skills to negotiate what you want

Course includes:

  • Understanding the power of influence and persuasion, and how to use it

  • Identifying your own influencing style

  • Skills and techniques to ensure you communicate effectively

  • Assessing what you want and what’s reasonable

  • The four key stages of negotiation and how to build long term relationships

EDI – Equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Course includes:

  • Understanding what EDI really means for individuals and the organisation
  • Building a diverse workforce and being an important part of that
  • Clarifying harassment, bullying, discrimination and victimisation at work
  • Knowing what unconscious bias is and how it affects (and impacts) us all
  • Developing an understanding of your own behaviour change needs
Think strategically and developing your career

Course includes:

  • Identifying where you are right now (“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.” Alice Through The Looking Glass)
  • Looking at your strengths, likes and attributes to formulate your snapshot
  • Understanding your limiting beliefs and why they are there
  • Focusing on the ‘act as if’ – coaching techniques you can use yourself
  • Putting together your life plan using our ‘back-to-the-future’ tool

Management & Leadership skills

Be a successful manager and get results

Course includes:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of excellent people management

  • Looking at motivational factors of individuals and what makes your team ‘tick’

  • Knowing the value of team roles and how each person fits

  • Being a great communicator

  • Setting direction, monitoring progress and sharing success

Build trust in your team

Course includes:

  • Understanding the importance of trust and how it manifests itself in the workplace

  • Identifying the key elements of trust in your team and assessing where you are

  • Developing the stages of trust building and taking responsibility

  • Testing and improving the process

  • Ensuring trust and respect become part of your organisation’s culture


Provide constructive feedback

Course includes:

  • Knowing how to provide negative/balanced/positive feedback using the 5 step feedback model

  • Being constructive and planning your feedback

  • Listening and being supportive

  • Providing examples and evidence to support your feedback

  • Following through and reinforcing where necessary

Implement and manage change

Course includes:

  • Understanding the reason for change in your organisation

  • Introducing the 8 stages to managing and monitoring change

  • Keeping everyone informed and ensuring they are on board

  • Keeping people motivated through changing situations and circumstances

  • Building change into your culture to ensure success

Facilitate successful 1-2-1 performance reviews

Course includes:

  • Planning and preparing for the meeting and gathering evidence

  • Setting and agreeing an agenda and purpose for the review

  • Developing short open questions to encourage conversation

  • Ensuring the meeting is positive and realistic

  • Setting out and agreeing a plan for monitoring progress and success

Develop others through coaching

Course includes:

  • Understanding the benefits of coaching for individuals and teams

  • Developing coaching language and questions

  • Using a coaching model to fit your organisation

  • Preparing your approach and structuring your sessions

  • Monitoring progress and providing continuing support

Use graphics to get your message across

Course includes:

  • Realising the impact and additional benefits of using graphics
  • Understanding that everyone can draw to represent their message
  • Practical activities to develop your skills using colour, text and simple icons
  • Identifying your own style and how to best use your graphics
  • Incorporating them into your presentations and support materials
Recruit amazing people

Course includes:

  • Identifying exactly what you need the job to look like for the future
  • Avoiding the ‘replacement’ mind set
  • Understanding the most effective questions and listening techniques
  • Developing a simple process to record the candidates’ responses
  • Making the decision, following through and welcoming the new recruit

Wellbeing & self-development

Manage yourself and support others

Course includes:

  • Understanding and developing your emotional intelligence

  • The Kubler-Ross Curve, people’s behaviour and reaction to change

  • Expectations from ourselves and others

  • Keeping a healthy body and mind by practicing self-care

  • Looking out for others and identifying people in trouble – finding the balance

Be assertive at work and in life

Course includes:

  • Realising the benefits of being assertive in the workplace

  • Identifying specific situations you want to tackle

  • Understanding different behaviours and their impact on others

  • Tools and techniques to handle difficult behaviours and unwanted demands

Be resilient and cope with change

Course includes:

  • Understand what being resilient means

  • Dealing with constant change and how to cope

  • Exploring current changes in our lives and the impact

  • Identifying how change affects us and those around us

  • Ensuring you have an effective ‘tool kit’ to keep you strong in the future

Use mindfulness techniques to keep calm in any situation

Course includes:

  • Understanding the benefits of using mindfulness and what it is

  • Identifying and noticing your ‘auto pilot’ and what that means

  • Learning to focus on ‘the now’ and breath properly

  • Practising and harnessing the power to control your mind and emotions

  • Using different techniques and knowing what works best for you

Set yourself realistic objectives and desired outcomes

Course includes:

  • Identifying what your future looks like and how you can influence that

  • Setting desired outcomes – seeing; feeling; hearing what they’ll be like

  • Developing the stepping stones to reach your outcomes

  • Using specific and realistic objectives

  • Monitoring your success and being flexible
Have difficult conversations and handle conflict

Course includes:

  • Understanding why we need to hold difficult conversations

  • Preparing and introducing the conversation

  • Having a selection of tools and techniques to ensure the conversations are effective

  • Developing your listening and questioning skills

  • Following simple stages for successful outcomes

Overcome and manage ‘Imposter syndrome’

Course includes:

  • Understanding this growing phenomenon and where it comes from
  • Identifying the affects and impact on ourselves and others
  • Focusing on what behaviours we need for ourselves and why
  • Realising that we are in control of our own future
  • Identifying role models and key focus areas for the future
Understand yourself and who you really are

Course includes:

  • Understanding the four key elements of your body; feelings; thinking and spirit
  • Identifying what it is that makes you unique
  • Realising the advantage that knowing yourself gives you
  • Using practical activities and exercises to find your true self
  • Putting together a plan of action for tweaking the things that will ‘make you whole’

Our Prices

3-for-2 on all courses.

Up to 25 delegates on each 90 minute session meaning you can train up to 75 people for just £1000.

Training Courses

All of our courses are delivered by our expert trainers and are suitable for small or large groups up to 25. They can be delivered virtually using either Zoom, Microsoft Teams or a platform of your choice, or in-house. We use a blend of trainer input; discussions; breakout rooms; chat; activities and polls (where available) to ensure every session is interactive and engaging.

Each 90-minute session is charged at £500.


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