Our Success Stories

We’ve been fortunate to work with some incredible organisations over the years. Below are just a few of a case studies to demonstrate how we have helped others and could do the same for you.

The Motor Ombudsmen, London

TMO works with both the consumer and the garage to resolve issues and complaints. With an expert and experienced team of customer service agents, adjudicators, case investigators and ombudsmen, they handle thousands of cases from across the UK to be an impartial support for all.

The need:

2020 – Newly appointed and inexperienced team leaders and managers needing to manage virtually when suddenly required to work from home. The business had been inundated with cases the previous year and now the challenge was to continue the good work with a change in some key personnel and an opportunity to promote and develop individuals within the team.

The focus:

Provide the team with a structured, practical and engaging set of skills and the knowledge to support their natural friendly approach to both their staff and customers. The key focus areas were Managing virtually – challenges and opportunities; Your role as people manager & your personal style; Setting direction and managing performance; Delegating and motivating others; Handling difficult situations and conversations; Manager as coach – the power of coaching to get the best from your team.

The delivery:

8 x 60-minute sessions were spread across 4 weeks so as not to impact the business. This allows each person to implement the skills they’d learnt and practise different approaches between sessions. The programme is also supported by 1-2-1 coaching running up to 3 months after the training was completed.

The feedback:

“After the initial worry that time taken out of work for training was going to be inconvenient and no value, we quickly realised the benefits and enjoyment of being part of this programme. Nicola made it engaging, interesting and fun – with her own flipchart graphics as well as the occasional slide. It’s really helping us to develop individuals and the team which ultimately helps our customers.”

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

MTW NHS Trust – Therapy Management Team

The team

As part of the MTW NHS Trust, Therapy Management includes the Speech and language therapy, Occupational therapy and Physiotherapy teams.

The need:

To develop a series of interpersonal skills courses for all staff to support their clinical roles and enable them to deliver even better services to staff, patients and families.

The focus:

The key focus was on planning and holding difficult conversations; managing challenging situations; team building; managing yourself and supporting others; professional presentation skills and effective recruitment.

The delivery:

Initially two topics were developed and rolled out as half-day face-to-face workshops, starting in early 2019. When circumstances altered the ability to get everyone together, the sessions were converted in to 90-minute virtual workshops with great success. There was more demand and more topics were added. These started in June 2020 and continue to be very popular.

The feedback:

“The sessions were well planned and organised with just the right amount of participation and facilitator input. Everything was clear and easy to follow – it was excellent as Nicola made it fun and lively and kept our attention all the way through. The exercises and discussions were great – very relevant to our situations and challenges.”

KAFCO, Kuwait

KAFCO was formed in 1963 with Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) and British Petroleum (BP). In 1970, BP was bought out and is now a subsidiary of the KNPC. They provide the aviation fuels for all airlines at Kuwait International Airport.

The team:

The Fast Track (senior managers) and Talent Group (Supervisors) from KAFCO were selected to be part of an intensive training and coaching programme through the London Management Centre. As Lead Project Manager, Nicola Wise was invited to develop, implement and manage the 2-year programme.

The need:

Develop a programme that would run in Kuwait, London and virtually that would provide the fast track managers and talent group supervisors with the leadership skills and knowledge to progress their careers and develop them as individuals to manage effective teams.

The focus:

To design an effective, practical programme across a 12-month period which would fit with the business and allow all involved to get the maximum benefit from the training, coaching and support within that programme. The focus for the Fast Track group included Thomas International Disc Profile; Influencing and negotiation; Identifying and managing stress in others; Handling conflict and strategic leadership skills. As well as the Thomas International Disc Profile, the talent group focussed on problem solving; Decision making; Presenting information to others; Effective delegation; Taking responsibility and directing others; Training and trusting others in your team.

The delivery:

For both groups and subsequent groups, the programme entailed a 5-day intensive training course held in London followed by another 5 days course in Kuwait. Coaching was provided before, during and after the training interventions, as was telephone support when needed.

The feedback:

“A very successful, well planned and managed programme which lead to several promotions and a desire to put more employees through the same event. Nicola organised and delivered a very practical, enthusiastic and interactive series supported by excellent trainers and the backing of LMCUK.”


“I was introduced to Nicola for some corporate coaching and was quite sceptical about it. However, after our first session I was invigorated and excited about the plan we had put in place. Nicola was fantastic at allowing me to question many unconscious thoughts and actions I held without any judgement and provided the support to help navigate these. The initial sessions have turned into a strong and supportive coaching relationship with Nicola being my first port of call. Thank you for your energy and your warmth.”

Raman Sall, Risk Officer (Banking Sector), London

“Nicola was recommended to me by colleagues when I needed to do some management development in my new role.

Nicola is an excellent coach and a trainer and I very much enjoyed working with her. She is friendly, patient and empathetic and has great insight into organisational dynamics and professional growth.

Nicola has a wealth of business management experience and genuinely cares about her clients and their progress.”

Ljiljana Milisevic, Business Manager

“I have known and worked alongside Nicola for over 20 years and long admired her passion and commitment to the provision of quality training.

A total professional, Nicola has the ability to empathise with all client levels, listen to their exacting requirements applying her empathy and experience to creating great programs and solutions to meeting their specific needs.

Highly committed to keeping her approach relevant Nicola invests significant time to increasing her knowledge and experience, cultivating a large networking group along the way and maintaining a solid support connection.”

Beth Harding, Director, Strategic Learning, Capital Markets FIS

“I initially met 3 years ago Nicola on an open course in London and straight away decided she’d fit well with our organisation and family values. We engaged Nicola to develop our first Leadership Development Programme for our senior managers and those with potential. The programme was excellent and the results far exceeded our expectations – many of the group have been promoted to key positions since. She also helps with coaching and has been a great friend and confident to many, including myself. She is enthusiastic, flexible, trustworthy and fun to work with – nothing is any trouble.


Nicola is currently developing an all-staff programme to support our ongoing commitment to provide the best possible service to our customers. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone who would benefit from a committed, enthusiastic and professional coach and trainer.”

Lyndsey Gallagher, Operations Director, Gallagher Group

“Nicola has been a senior associate trainer on our panel for over 10 years. During this time Nicola delivered 100’s of courses for our clients in the UK and abroad, in particular the Middle East. Nicola is a very skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced consultant who brings practical solutions to the training room coupled with her enthusiasm and passion for unlocking the potential in each and every one of the participants she engages with. Nicola’s training success is reflected in her rating which has always been right at the top of the bar. She is very much loved and respected by everyone she has trained, and her colleagues, all of whom have benefited from her resourceful training knowledge. Her integrity and professionalism are her utmost attributes.”

Edina Baschich, Director General, London Management Centre

“I was looking for coaching support and didn’t want an off the shelf response. Nicola was recommended to me. I was told that she was pragmatic, pacey and patient – and she didn’t disappoint. She provided management development support to a couple of people in our team, who were first time managers. She created a tailored programme that suited the business and the individuals. They have come on in leaps and bounds, and it has been fantastic to see them flourish. I would definitely recommend Nicola to those who are cynical about whether coaching can really deliver business improvement. She has certainly converted me!”

Gera Patel, Partner, Campbell Tickell