Our Additional Services

Business Coaching Interventions

A coaching approach to managing your people is far more successful and far reaching than any performance management system. As a coach, you learn to ask, not tell. You encourage, and sometimes cajole, the person to identify the problem or desired outcome before seeing them find the solution and their way forward. Your role is almost invisible – a good coach will never take the credit or be an adviser, rather a subconscious prodder and facilitator.

Our approach to coaching challenges individuals and allows them to explore alternate ways of finding solutions. We assess the needs of each person before helping them set outcomes and identifying what they want to, or need to, achieve. We have a great track record for inspiring people and building long term business relationships. We use powerful coaching techniques that empower and support our coaches.

on-line virtual training
on-line virtual training

Facilitation of events

Whether you’re looking to develop your future strategy; team build; debate important topics or just organise something a bit more exciting for the group, we will ensure it’s a great success.

We are experienced in everything from sourcing and organising suitable venues to customising interactive, productive meetings or events for small or large groups.

Non-intrusive without interfering; steering and challenging to clarify discussions and decisions; recording and summarising. All these skills ensure your event runs smoothly and enables everyone who should be taking part to do so.

Course and materials design – bespoke for your organisation

We have years of experience designing and producing training materials and other support documents to your exact specifications. Whether you’re going to be running face-to-face or virtual training, we’ll ensure everything is covered from the presentation and workbooks to activities; questionnaires; polls; certificates and instructions for best practise use.

They’ll fit perfectly with your organisation, allowing you to get on with setting the objectives, arranging the sessions and monitoring success.

wise training course design
on-line virtual training

Competency framework development

We work with you to develop a simple, effective and practical framework of desired behaviours that will enable everyone in your organisation to take ownership of their own performance, development and future. Helping every individual understand where they fit and how they contribute to the organisation is important for future business success.

Having a transparent yet simple process to link job descriptions, performance reviews, recruitment and talent management all makes for a happy, motivated workforce.

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